San Morello Brunch

For my birthday I flew home to Detroit and spent some time with my family minus my recently moved brother. It was time well spent, especially thanks to Martin (having a dog around improves life 40824%). While home with much to celebrate (multiple birthdays and Mother’s Day), we went out to brunch at a new favorite that we had tried for Joe’s birthday, San Morello. Located in the Shinola hotel, it has all of the trendy aesthetic you would expect to go with such an association.

We kicked things off with a round of cocktails and the polenta blueberry muffin, which was delicious. This followed by a main course of goat cheese frittatas, shakshuka like eggs and bread, and breakfast spaghetti. Everything was fully shared and confirmed delicious. Full without being overwhelmed, we left very much affirmed in our decision that San Morello be our new celebration destination in Detroit.