Summer California Girls Trip

After my first trip to California this year (LA specifically), I knew it was only a matter of time before I returned. At the end of July I flew to San Francisco for a few days exploring wine country and the Bay with my friends from back home in Michigan. it was as beautiful as I imagined, from the redwoods to the fog filled coast. San Francisco was full of fun peeks at the bay and the fog movements were fascinating. I love being there and was a heartbeat away from extending my trip for a few days in LA but decided to come back to NY while I still had the willpower. Once again, I know I will be back on the west coast before too long.

We arrived after dark and drove out to Sonoma, where I rose a few hours later to start work on the East coast timeline. While I could’ve used the extra sleep, I loved the accelerated working hours and watching the sun rise over the hills as the morning fog swept in and then out of the valley.

While in wine country we visited Napa, wandered Sonoma after an amazing brunch, and took a day driving through the woods and down the coast. The California vegetation is my absolute favorite, with vibrant flowers and succulents it’s vastly different from eastern flora and never ceases to amaze me.

San Francisco was a whirlwind since we only spent one full day there but we managed to see sea lions on the pier and eat some amazing Puerto Rican food with our hosts. Drinking seltzers in the park with a view of the city reminded me of my Central Park picnics and felt right at home.

I can’t wait to return to palm trees and the Pacific ocean but in the mean time, I’ll be enjoying my own gritty city on the island in the east.