A Weekend in Chicago

Earlier this month Claire and I took a very quick weekend trip to Chicago. Chicago is one of those places that I consider home since the family went often growing up to see family, Claire went to college there, and I lived there two summers during college for internships. But in reality, i hadn’ been in downtown Chicago in over two years (I really can’t remember the last time if I’m honest). It was a lovely, hot weekend on the river and we packed it full of the best food and sights.

We kicked it off Friday at our old favorite Italian restaurant near the hotel, catching up and reminiscing on the many memories at that restaurant alone. Saturday we kicked off with a visit to Claire’s alma mater, Loyola. Walking around campus and along the lake in the sun was lovely and calming before we went back towards downtown to hit our favorite thrift shop for a few hours of productive shopping. By then it was time to rest our feet before dinner, stopping by a boutique we love first before pre-drinks at the Signature Room lounge in the Hancock Tower (best views ever). We hurried to dinner at Hampton Social which turned into drinking a huge cocktail out of a shimmery seashell. Afterwards we obviously needed more alcohol, and headed to Pops for Champagne to end the night more than tipsy.

Sunday we went for a quick swim in the hotel pool (mandatory) before getting brunch with my childhood best friend and our cousin. It was the perfect catch up before wandering around the city down to Millenium Park. After parting ways with the group, Claire and I shopped at the boutique more, packed up, and sat by the river for White Claws and chips. All too soon it was time to head for our respective airports. It was a short weekend but it was perfect from start to finish and so nice to be back in a city I consider one of my Midwestern homes.