November 2021 Mood Board

There’s a definite chill in the air as the temperatures in New York have dropped below fifty on a regular basis this week. It feels like we skipped the mild Fall temperatures that I so love here but I’m honestly ok with the cooler temperatures after such a heated and extended summer. It’s absolutely insane to me that it’s November already and I know time is an odd concept for everybody “post” pandemic but for me it seems as if it’s lightening speed or not happening at all. Either way, I’m excited for this month since I get to spend a week at home with the new holiday and will be starting a new job (!!!) that week as well. ‘Tis the season for delicious food, thick sweaters, long chilly walks in the cold NY sunshine, and spending as much time as possible reveling in the company of my best friends and family. I have a concert next weekend with my brother in town and am planning for the full sibling and cousin crew visiting in December as well as a best friend spending the holidays with me and it makes me beyond grateful that my friends are family and my family are friends.