Holiday Highlights 2021

The precedent was set for a different looking holiday season in 2020, but it turns out 2021 managed to outdo that. This year when I came home for Christmas I tested positive for covid, meaning an extremely low key holiday. If there’s a silver lining here it’s that I was forced to take a break and a lot of rest. Anomalies withstanding, the holidays were still enjoyable as always since I got to spend time with my family and friends. Even while I was quarantining I had a great time watching Emily in Paris S2 and Sex Lives of College Girls (in a day each) while eating the Christmas cookies my Mom dropped off. Between the flowers, decorations, and treats from my sister and her boyfriend and the book and chocolate from my closest friends as well as frequent chats through the doors with the family (who endured bringing me food and water constantly), holiday quarantine was manageable.

Outside of that, we spent time at the cottage by the lake and I fit in plenty of holiday drinks in the city. Some highlights I managed to get pictures of: sunrises and sunsets on the lake, attempting to ice skate at Wollman rink, Bergdorf’s window displays, trees, drinks, and lights in the city, family visits, Christmas quarantine, and a MSU themed sushi platter that combined two of my favorite things in the cutest way.

Things may have been different but they were still special and another year to remember while looking forward to the next.