Lisbon Layover

In February I had the immense joy of traveling internationally for the first time in nearly two years. My friend and I had booked cheap tickets to Switzerland over the previous summer and our tickets had been shifted to include a longer layover in Lisbon on the way there. We had plenty of time during the day for a quick exploration and it was amazing to walk around another city in another country as a bonus to the full trip in Switzerland.

We started the day by stowing our luggage and wandering, before taking the train to another part of town for amazing seafood and the monthly changing of the guard of some sort – perfect timing on our part accidentally. We ate pastries in the park and returned to the city center, wandering our way to a tower that we ascended for a gorgeous view of the tiled rooftops. That left us just enough time for a final coffee and one last wander back to our luggage lockers before departing for Switzerland, already missing the sun and palm trees.