Return to the West Coast

At the end of March I finally made a return to California, after far too many months away from a place I was so surprised to fall in love with. I spent the majority of a long weekend in LA working remotely from the pool and walking on the beach in the afternoon, before going down to San Diego for a night to see what all the good reviews are about. LA was all happy hours at the bar, beach sunsets, poolside lunches, and I was so happy to get a hike in with my friend before a Saturday of brunching in Santa Monica. We stopped by Pico farmer’s market on the way home, and after brunch I got to experience Bungalow and funnel cake on the pier. San Diego was a beautiful and more laid back escape after LA, sunny and gorgeous. I stayed in Pacific Beach for the night before returnng to NY Monday night.

It wasn’t the relaxing escape I envisioned due to too many fun nights out and brunches with my friends but it did deliver the sun and sand I was desperately wishing for. California never disappoints (other than the UCLA loss in March Madness) and I can’t wait to be back for the next visit.