Ciao, Milano!

After a lovely return to London, my friends and I headed to Italy for a weekend in the Milan sun. It was a dream come true after adjusting to the heat, wandering the most picturesque streets and sitting in the park. Sipping aperol spritzes and eating the most delicious pizzas, paninos, and pastas. We partied at night and woke early to explore, wearing ourselves out between stops at cafes and bars. The last day we took a train to Lake Como and spent the day hopping on and off the boats to eat and explore the towns surrounding the lake. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and a truly idyllic day. It was the most amazing girls trip and it was hard to leave it behind, though the view of the sun rising over the Italian vista while I rode the train to the airport did soften the blow. I can’t wait for my next Italian adventure and my next reunion with my girls.