Hello, so happy you’ve found my corner of the web!


I’m Kate, a young professional living in NYC (FiDi to be specific) and fascinated with all things creative and beautiful from fashion to food to nature. I love traveling whether it’s a week long trip across the ocean or a weekend trip up to coast. Nothing is more important to me than my family and friends, and they inspire and motivate me constantly.

I started this blog as a place to share fashion and lifestyle insight as a family with my sister and brother, but it evolved into more of a personal diary where I share my thoughts on trends, hobbies, and things to do in the city and beyond. If you scroll way back there are still some fantastic fashion and lifestyle posts featuring the sibs!


Most of my content revolves around New York, my favorite fashions, or my travels since that’s what’s easiest and most fun for me personally to record. I love keeping a log of my favorite fascinations, and the blog has already proven to be a fun way for me to look back at past events in my life. I hope you find some entertainment in the posts as well!

~Kate Soave